Ms. Richardson's Fourth Grade Class

The great tortise escape!
On Wednesday the 19thTina the tortise escaped from her pen.She broke out of her pen by smashing her shell against the bricks. She walked about 10 feet into the vegtable garden for a snack!
Srtoup makes dew (point)!
Mrs.Richardson's students leared about dew point temparture when Dr. Stroup came over to our Class. Dew point tempoture is when dew forms on a surface.
Computer lab
On tuesday the 18th we went to computer lab. Mrs.Jerryl taught us about different comands such as comand A comand V comand C and much more!
On Monday we learned about 9\11. we read books about 9\11 and we watched a video about 9\11. And we even heard an adio of Mrs. Richardson's uncle's reactions.
Chior and stuff
Big news today chior starts!  Also on Friday is our first asembly of the year!

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